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In 1972, Double Century took part in the longest, toughest and most prestigious powerboat race ever held - a 15-day event covering 2,400 miles from London to a spectacular finish in Monte Carlo.

Known as the Venture Cup, it is still considered to be the greatest powerboat race of all time. Double Century was one of only seven out of 21 boats to complete the course. She took the best overall performance prize and only missed out on first place in the race due to stopping to rescue three elderly men whose boat had capsized.
The Fairey Huntsman 31 was the brain child of Fairey Marine’s Chief Designer Alan Burnard. Embraced by gentlemen racers in the early 1970’s, the boat was famed for its performance, reliability and striking good looks.
The original owner of Double Century was sherry importer David Palengat who named the boat after one of his best-selling sherries. During the race it was believed that his boat was laden with gallons of sherry, a weight penalty that apparently lessened very rapidly as the race wore on!
The famous vessel has arrived in the Lake District from its previous home in Southampton where it was originally built and has been fully restored to its former glory.

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